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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 July 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Karthik warns Aditya to stay away from Keerti

Karthik  (Mohsin Khan) asks Naira (Shivangi Joshi) not to make him wait so much. They share some romantic moments in the garment shop. The shop keeper comes, Naira and Karthik get scared and hide in a corner. Karthik thanks Naksh for everything. He invites him for lunch. Naksh says he has an important meeting. Naira suggets having lunch at his office. Naksh hesitantly agrees. They all get shocked to see Aditya at the shop. Keerti holds Naksh’s hands upon seeing her ex-husband. Karthik and Naira come forward and ask him not to utter a word against Keerti.Aditya congratulates them and tells Keerti that he is glad to know that she has moved on so soon. He says he has forgotten the past and now he just wants her to stay happy.

Keerti gets scared. Everyone asks her to calm down. They decide not to tell anything to their families. Keerti collides with a pillar and her bracelet breaks. She gets even more scared. Naitik, Deviyani and Kaveri miss Akshara as they bring all the jewerly out. Deviyani asks Naksh to choose one for Keerti. He reluctantly picks one. Mishti brings to everyone’s notice that the necklace is broken. Singhanias decide to send another piece to Keerti’s house. Naksh gets a bit disturbed by this and asks Akshara to bless him.

Suhasini instructs Surekha and Suvarna about the Tilak ceremony. She tells them that only men will accompany her to Singhanias’ house while all the women will stay back. Suvarna asks if Naira can also attend the ceremony. Suhasini scolds her and asks her not to break the rituals. Karthik, Naira and Keerti return and overhear their conversation. Singhanias start doing all the preperations. Naksh sees all this, Naitik asks him to cheer up. Everyone starts dancing around him and ask him to join, too. Keerti recalls Aditya’s words and gets worried. Karthik comes and asks her not to think about him and get over all her fears.

Everyone gets excited to see Naani. Kaveri suddenly realises that women are not allowed in the Tilak ceremony. Naksh calls Naira and asks her if she is coming. He asks her to come anyhow. She goes downstairs and sees Suhasini talking to Surekha and Suvarna.She assumes that Dadi has changed the rule for her and gets happy. She tells her brother that she is coming tomorrow.

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