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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 July 2017 full episode written update: While Shagun recalls the night of the murder Aadhi is hiding something big

Bhanwari is lying dead, The police identify him as the same watchman who they interrogated for the murder of Abhimanyu Raghav. He used to stay in the same building. Ishita (Divyanka) is standing worried,. A senior policeman interrogates her and demands to why she happened to be at the scene of the murder. He asks if she has come with anybody else, that’s when Ishita says she is alone. She reveals that Bhanwari had called her and that she was wiating for her. She was about to leave when she heard the sirens and she came to scene of the crime. The policeman still wanted to know she was waiting for her. That’s when she revealed that she planned to meet him because he had told that he had some important information regarding the murder. The police gets angry and asks why didn’t think it right to inform the police. He then goes on to blame her for the Bhanwari’s murder. He then asks Ishita where is Mr Bhalla. She then gets angry and asks him whether she was accusing her husband. She then tells him that Raman has gone to meet Shagun’s doctor. The police insists on wanting to confirm Ishita’s information. So she accompanies the policemen while the body is sent to post mortem. Meanwhile, Aditya has heard everything and is scared everyone will get to know, so he realises he has to do before something before everyone gets to know. Also Read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 July 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: Roshni slaps Ashok as he tries to flirt with her

Someone has ordered Sushi for specially for Alia. Before Alia guesses who it is that knew she likes it, Nikhil reveals himself. She thanks him for his sweet gesture and tells him she can’t eat it. Nikhil somehow convinces and she enps eating it. That’s when Nikhil reveals that it was Adhi who asked him to go and talk to her. Ruhi looks on, happy that Aaliya is finally smiling after so many days. The police confront Raman, who then reveals that he had been at the hospital the whole time. Even the doctor confirms his presence. Ishita then tells the police that there is someone who is stopping them from finding out the real murderer. The police decide to re-visit the murder site, Ishita and Raman ask if they can accompany him.

Ruhi meanwhile thanks Nihil for making Aaliya better. She also confides in him about about the current state if the house. She also hopes her father is let go off the accusation. that’s when Nikhil says it would be difficult to prove her dad innocent as the knife was seen in her hand. Ruhi gets hyper and asks him how could he think like that. She gets really upset about his statement. He then defends himself saying that he is believing what he has seen. Aaliya aggressively defends her father and then walks away. Aadi then visit Bhanwari’s house to find out what clue it was that he was going to give away. He rummages through his clothes, cupboard, the kitchen utensils. when the police knock on the door. By the time, the police knocked down the door, Adi had escaped. But the police found something he had dropped.

Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani)  was getting irritated because she couldn’t get through her husband, Raman, Ashok was then trying to instigate her against Ishita, She then asked Ashok to drop her at Ishita’s clinic. Raman and Ishita were discussing what happened when Shagun enters the scene, She announces that she is going for drinks with Ashok. Raman stops her from going as she’s on medication. That’s when a car enters and it triggers Shagun’s memory and she recalls the night Mani was murdered, Aadoi steps out of the car and she remembers that she ahd seen him too. Suddenly she faints and they take her inside. Aadi is just standing there, tensed.


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