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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18 October 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Ruhi announces that she will get married to Nikhil soon

Ruhi comes to meet Santoshi and apologises to her but Bhallaji tells her off. Ruhi tells them that she doesn’t want to be a trouble anymore and gets Nikhil inside the house. Everyone gets alarmed seeing Nikhil and he apologises to everyone. Raman (Karan Patel) asks him to get out and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) asks Ruhi to talk about her decision later. Ruhi doesn’t give up and announces that she is getting married to Nikhil pretty soon. Ishita gets upset with her and Ruhi loses her cool. Raman tells her that he will not let this marriage happen and Ruhi asks them to not interfere in their life anymore. She tells them that marrying Nikhil is her final decision and asks Simi to not taunt her anymore.

Nikhil tells her that if they don’t agree with their relationship, they’ll just elope and leaves. Ruhi storms into her room and Param volunteers to talk to Ruhi. Nikhil hugs and thanks Param for the brilliant plan. Nikhil tells Param that Raman – Ishita will have to pay for ruining his life. Santoshi breaks down and complaints to Ishita, who consoles her. Simi overhears Ishita tell Santoshi that they should not trust Param. She throws a fit again. Everyone leave Simi along in the room and storm out. Raman is complaining to Ishita when Adi walks in asking about what they’re going to do about Ruhi. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 October 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Ruhi refuses to move in with Nikhil making Raman-Ishita happy but Param plays the trump card)

Raman then asks starts questioning Adi and asks him whom he is having an affair with. Ishita then tells Adi that certain incidents hint that he is having an affair with Pooja. Ishita asks Adi to tell them the truth since they are already stressed out. Adi then says that he took over a small company which is running in losses and he took a loan to save the situation. Raman and Ishita heave a sigh of relief and he decides to help Adi out. Raman then thinks of Romy having an affair with Pooja but Adi says that Romy is working with him.

Raman apologises to Adi and he tells them that he understands. After Adi leaves, Raman still finds it difficult to trust him. Shagun is also venting her frustration out to Mani and decides to talk to Ruhi about it. Mani stops her and says that it’s Raman and Shagun’s fault. Whatever they planned to throw Nikhil out of Ruhi’s house just got them closer. Shagun storms out. Aaliya comes home and Adi hugs her tightly. They get emotional and Adi tells her that Raman-Ishita think someone in the house is having an affair with Pooja.

He tells her that he lied to Raman Ishita about Romy working with him all these days. He decides to keep an eye on Romy and find out the truth. Shagun, Ishita and Raman talk about dealing with Ruhi. Just then, they hear Riya’s voice and see her giving Ruhi a gift. She gives Ruhi a ‘Best Mom in the world’ mug reminding her of what she had given Ishita during her childhood. Ruhi looks at Ishita, walks towards her and shows the mug to her asking her if she remembers. Ruhi then blames Ishita for not giving her happiness any importance anymore.

Shagun interferes and yells at Ruhi, who gives it back to her indirectly. Ruhi taunts Ishita and leaves. Ruhi then comes out with her bag and says that if they don’t want her to marry Nikhil, she’ll leave the house.

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