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Why has Flybe put its cheap student luggage deal on hold?

My son does about six flights a year but the offer was a no-go out of Southend

My son is a student in the Dutch city of Groningen which, after Amsterdam, has the highest student population in the Netherlands (it has two universities and there are more than 50,000 students, with half of the population being under 35). He flies there at the end of August for the start of the academic year and returns in late June/early July for the summer holidays; he also makes a return trip at Christmas and Easter. He makes a minimum six flights a year.

I was delighted to discover that Flybe, which operates out of Southend (our closest airport), flies direct to Eelde airport on the outskirts of Groningen. It also offers a “student hold luggage deal” offering 46kg for the price of only 23kg which, according to the website, is because Flybe “appreciates that, for students, living away from home … a generous hold luggage allowance is important”.

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