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This flop actress was the first to call up a young superstar and comfort him after his film tanked

This hero who was linked to an older out-of-job actress was in for a surprise recently when the lady in question called him up to comfort him after his movie failed to perform at the box office. The actor who is touted as one of the most talented heroes in Bollywood despite a not so great track record at the box office was hoping to strike gold with his recent film. And despite getting good reviews for his film, the actor failed to pull the audience to theatres and that reflected in the low box office figures. As if this wasn’t enough the young hero found himself in news after a family member in a bid to defend the hero ended up courting controversy and making headlines for not so pleasant reasons. The actor seemed to have the going only getting tougher because a flop actress who is struggling to find projects in Bollywood decided to comfort the distressed actor. The hero mind you was also linked to the lady recently and we hear that the duo had quite a fling that got Bollywood talking. Any how, the actress we hear freaked the hero out by comparing their journey and career graphs.

Now this babe had quite a good filmi track record in the beginning of her career, however soon she was in news for all wrong reasons and failed to find any movies. The heroine turned a producer too, but her career seems to have derailed. She continues to stay in news and is often the talk of parties due to her crazy ways. Often one hears about her in drunken diaries. Looks like the hero would not want any advice or suggestion from this babe, leave alone finding similarities between her and his career. Now the hunk seems to have moved on from this actress, but looks like the lady is still stuck to her passing affair with the dude.

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