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Super Dancer Chapter 2: Anurag Basu ALMOST gets married a second time in full Bengali style right on stage!

The selection of Super Dancer‘s own Super 12 is still in progress as the first to walk in is Akash Thapa. His mother today also has a list of complains against her son, she tells the judges that he ringing the bells at all the doors and runs away. The mahaguru girls spend all the chillars they have to get the little boy as he is the cutest one to get onboard. Anurag Basu asks the boy to trouble them and not anybody else from now on. The mother adds that the boy is such a little nuiscance that his school is happy he got selected as now he wont come to school. Mishti walks in and like her auditions the judges don’t take more than 6secs to make their decision. The girl is a packet of energy and we do see the pretty little girl as one of the finalist. Anurag Basu gets a marriage proposal from Mishti Bengali beauty aunty Ashlesha. He wears the tapor and dances to tuney maari entry.(Also Read: Shilpa Shetty gets showered with kisses by a young admirer and an act of robotics leaves her in tears)

There are many more who come one by one and each one seems to be better than the previous so much so the judges just hope someone dances bad. Jyoti walks in with a smooth performance and also a challenge for Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa accepts the challenge this time and does the yoga challenge though she loses it to the flexible little boy eventually. Kunal comes in with another stupendous performance and the mahagurus carry the little boy as soon as his performance ends. Vaishnavi Prajapathi the little pataka comes in next with a cute smile and burns the stage.Anurag tells the mahagurus about Vaishnavi and her taecher being the unique guru -shishya jodi. Vaishnavi’s teacher is given a salute by all the mahagurus. Shilpa’s suitor arrives and creates quite a scene that she did not call him in last one year. Mamaji is again pata-oed by Shilpa. Mama refuses though to speak to Shilpa. Dheeraj walks in next as his auditions video flashes our screens. Now is the time for the declaration of the super 12. Super Dancer Chapter 2 gets its 12 and the gurus join them onstage.


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