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Qaidi Band new poster: Aadar Jain and Anya Singh are all set to rock the world

The new poster of Yash Raj Film’s upcoming Qaidi Band is here. The poster features Aadar Jain and Anya Singh alongwith other cast members, who are also their band members in the film. The poster has them with the musical instrument they excel in. While Aadar is seen holding a guitar, Anya is seen on the mic.

Talking about the film, Anya Singh exclusively told BollywoodLife, “I think when Habib sir narrated the story to me, the fact that it was so different, the topic was so important and my character was something I just loved. Everything put together really lured me to do this film. I took it as a challenge. It’s a very interesting story and a very interesting concept. I’d like to it’s very unconventional so that’s the best part about it. It’s very performance based which is so important I think. So I think I am very lucky in fact that this is my debut as opposed to the a conventional romantic movie that you usually see.” Also read: Qaidi Band actress Anya Singh on nepotism: I feel it exists in every industry but it’s hyped in ours

On the other hand, Aadar Jain, in a BollywoodLife exclusive, said, “After I got off as an AD for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, I gave auditions to Shanoo Sharma for about three months. This opportunity actually came up when Shanoo thought I was fit enough to move forward for an opportunity like this. She put me in touch with Mr Habib Faisal, we auditioned for about 4-5 weeks. And in the middle of the audition process, he said to me, ‘Aadar, we can only move forward if you connect with the character and script, otherwise there’s no point of it. So when they narrated the story to me, I thought it was extremely entertaining and engaging and more than that I found it very educational because the whole setting of the movie is in jail.” Also read: Qaidi Band actor Aadar Jain on nepotism: I don’t think any producer or director would want to waste their money on people who are not talented

He further added, “I have seen films like Shawshank Redemption and series like Prison Break but I didn’t really know about the life and characters that exist in jail. So that was something very challenging for me and more importantly I really connected with my character in the film. So for me I never found it unconventional or orthodox or ki koi hatke picture hai. And I am not saying because I am in the film, even if I didn’t get the film at that point when I was auditioning, this is something that I’d like to watch. Because it is educational not only for me but all those who don’t know about the topic of undertrials in India.” Also read: Qaidi Band actor Aadar Jain: I’d like to work with Alia Bhatt

Qaidi Band is slated for an August 25, 2017 release…

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