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Not Rajinikanth or Akshay Kumar, this Tamil actor will be promoting 2.O at Britain’s greatest cycling event

Though we are yet to have the fortune to see any teaser or trailer of one of the most exciting and anticipated movies to come, 2.O, the makers of the sci-fi thriller has stated the promotions of the movie way back. It began with the global air balloon trip, with the 2.) poster plastered across the balloon. Now the movie will be further promoted at the London Edinburgh London (LEL), which is often touted as the biggest cycling tournament in Britain, while also being called the country’s most popular tournament as well. However it will be neither Rajinikanth nor Akshay Kumar who will be promoting the movie there. It will be someone who, as per our current info, is not a part of the star cast, and yet is going out to promote the movie there as his own.

It’s Tamil actor Arya, who was last seen in Kadamban, who will be promoting 2.O at the cycling contest. This opportunity came to him, as the actor was already competing in the race and was prepping for the same, the makers of 2.O approached him to promote the movie there and the actor agreed. He put out a tweet of pics of him prepping for the race with a caption that confirms this development. He wrote, ‘My home for next 5 days Startin now #LEL2017 with our Thalaivar @superstarrajini & @akshaykumar as companions @rajumahalingam #2.0’. Lyca Productions will be sponsoring his race for him as a return favour.

Here’s his tweet,

Looking at the above pics, you can see that his cycling outfit will have the posters of 2.O emblazoned on it, featuring both Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar on it. Speaking to Silverscreen, the actor had said, “This event happens only every four years. So, I have been riding for 100 kms a day for the past few years, aiming to participate in this challenge. I have done rigorous weight training and core exercises, too. Cycling is just not part time, I take it seriously.”

If you want to know more about the race, the participants will be starting their race from London and travel to Edinburgh and then return back to their starting point within five days. They have to cycle for 18 days per day so that they achieve this target.

2.O is the sequel to the 2010 movie Enthiran/Robot, where Rajinikanth will be having dual roles of an android Chitti as well as his maker Vaseegaran. Akshay Kumar will be having a negative role in the movie, while Amy Jackson is the female lead. Shankar will be directing 2.O, that is scheduled to release in January.

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