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Naamkarann 31st August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Neil shares his past with Avni, Meher is actually Juhi

Naamkarann starts with Avni(Aditi Rathore)  and Ali trying to get the picture of Meher/ Juhi sketched at the police station with the help of DD. DD tells Avni that he would let her know as soon as the sketch is done. Avni asks DD  to hold this from Neil(Zain Imam). Neil waits for Avni as she walks in and he makes her sit as he wants to tells her his past. Neil tells Avni about how he was in love with a girl named Juhi. He tells her everything about how he met her first time during a ganpathi fest and how she was trying to reach a ill person to hospital. He tells Avni that she was like a burning flame and so much similar to Avni. He tells her that she dies on the day he was going abroad for MBA. He tells her that a person tried snatching her purse and she trying to safe it dashed against a car. He says he could not even recognise her face as it was so badly disfigured. He says that Juhi and Avni are very much alike just that Avni holds things to herself and Juhi used to say whatever she felt.Avni tells Neil that she is happy that he shared this with her and that she feels she is very close to him more than they ever were. Neil says that Juhi was his past and if Juhi would not have gone then he would never have joined the police force and neither would he ever meet a girl like Avni. He also reveals that DD was the drunkard who had tried to snatch Juhi’s purse that day and he had managed to change DD into a good person.(Also Read: Neil finds Amol at the bomber’s house, Avni tracks Meher’s husband with Ali)

Neil says that he does not believe in revenge and that  is the main reason why he had stopped Avni from killing Dayawanti too. Avni and Neil share a light moment as Neil teases her for being the first wife who is not upset after hearing about her husband’s past. DD receives an anonymous call about a prisoner who leaves the jail at her liking and also that she is leaving the jail tonight.  Amol calls Dayawanti to tell her that the job is done. DD takes a team to raid the particular jail.   Panditji decides to go to Jagooda herself and make Meher understand as she says that Meher is a diamond. Dayawanti asks panditji to let Meher meet Avni as Avni can be very useful for her Rangmahal in Jagooda. She says that Avni like her mother would easily trap a rich guy. Panditji reaches Meher who is revealed to be Juhi itself. Juhi had never died and after that accident Panditji had made her a slave and brought her here after replacing her body with an unrecognizable dead body. Panditji tells Meher that she is dead for the society and she is now only Panditji’s property. Juhi dances infront of the guests and as one of them tries to touch her panditji asks the man to pay and slaps him. She later forbids Juhi from going for any pooja and says she went to a police inspector’s house. As she is about to reveal Neil’s name she gets a call from the jail that they have raid there. She reaches back to find police searching her cell and asking about one missing prisoner.

Precap: Avni thinks that probably she is not as nice as Juhi but Neil confirms that Juhi was his past and he wishes to spend his present and future only with Avni, Avni asks for Juhi’s picture.


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