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Mohanlal’s Jimmiki Kammal BEATS Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di to become the most viral anthem

Since the last month, Jimmiki Kammal, a Malayalam song from a Malayalam movie Velipatinde Pusthakam has become a rage across the world. Everyone has been talking about it, humming it and most importantly dancing to it. While the movie has received mixed reviews, the song is easily one of the biggest hits this year! The Jimmiki Kammal fever has truly gripped the nation. The last time, we witnessed a song go viral was Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di in 2011. The quirky lyrics, Dhanush‘s voice and of course the one of a kind composition by Anirudh Ravichander were reasons the song caught on and became widely popular. That’s when at Bollywoodlife we decided to carry out a poll to ask our readers which song between Jimmiki Kammal and Kolaveri did they like? Now we have the results. Mohanlal‘s Jimmiki Kammal BEAT  Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di as it received 53% votes as against 47% votes! Thta means, Jimmiki Kammal has beat Kolaveri Di to come the most viral anthem! Also Read: Regret not seeing Mohanlal dance to Jimikki Kammal from his own movie? Then you shouldn’t miss this latest version of the song

After six years, the nation was gripped by another song other than Kolaveri Di. It’s catchy, groovy and will have you dancing whether you want to or not. Even Jimmy Kimmel who recently heard of the song loves it! Indian School of Commerce performed the to the song and unsurprisingly, that video too has gone viral! Just when the song could not get any popular, the makers had a lovely surprise in store for us – In a special video, Mohanlal, the leading star of this film who was actually absent in the video performed to the song with the other kids. Needless to say, Jimmiki Kammal became a topic of discussion yet again, thanks to Mohanlal’s swag and charm. He also thanked fans for their support. The song currently has clocked in 20 million views and counting!

Have you watched the song yet? Is it your viral anthem? We bet!

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