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Mersal quick movie review: Thalapathy Vijay is electrifying in this engaging entertainer

Mersal is one of the most-awaited films this year. Right from its first look poster, the film has garnered a huge buzz! The teaser, that came later, amplified the hype two fold and made us desperate for the release. In the last few weeks, the film faced quite a few hurdles, but the CBFC certificate was finally issued a day before release. The Mersal storm has hit worldwide today, just as promised!  So what’s Mersal all about? Our South critic, Karthika R, is watching Vijay’s movie right now and this is what she has to say,

“Picture this – Packed theatres, thundering applause and a deafening cheer – that’s what happens you are watching Thalapathy Vijay film! Watching his film is a celebration in itself. I am witnessing his fandom in full measure. Every time he makes an appearance on screen, the audience screams. Mersal begins with four specific people being nabbed from their respective locations. The police are after this person, who is responsible for the disappearance of these people. One clue leads to another and the hunt leads them to the culprit, Dr Maaran (Vijay). So why has a doctor kidnapped four people? He then goes on to tell his story.

Dr Maaran is a renowned doctor who charges only Rs 5 for surgery. His mission is to make available all medical facilities for people who can’t afford it. He is humble, down-to-earth and very skilled. He heads to Paris to be awarded as the Humanitarian of the year. That’s where we also catch a glimpse of his magician avatar. He is suave, stylish and has a way with ladies. Wow, a doctor who is also a magician! In Paris, he stages a magic show, where the magician (Vijay itself) ends up murdering a famous doctor who had volunteered for his main trick. What? What is Dr Maaran up to?

This role is tailormade for Thalapathy Vijay who plays the down-to-earth doctor to perfection, and the magician avatar with elan and panache. What makes this experience even better is Atlee’s direction – He knows the extent of Vijay’s stardom and has highlighted that every now and then but not without giving the story its due importance. The production quality is high, making the visual experience even better. The Rs 130 crore budget is more than justified. Mersal is a fine balance of class and mass elements. The first half has ended on an unexpected note, can’t wait to find out what the second half has in store.”

Watch this space for the complete review of Mersal.

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