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Megalomaniac squashes? Here’s how to keep them in check

Winter squashes are delicious, but tend to try to invade the entire plot. With some judicious snipping you can stop them – and gain a whole new crop too

Home-grown winter squash is one of those vegetables where there really can be a big flavour difference when compared with shop-bought specimens. Yet left to their own devices the plants can become real garden thugs, sprawling out metres in every direction. Unless you have rambling acres to spare, come early August they’ll have likely smothered any attempt at garden supports, swallowed up paths and be making a break for next door’s plot. So they’re not exactly the most practical of crops if you, like me, have only a modest suburban plot to play with. But things don’t have to be this way.

Snipping back rampant leafy growth stops the plant’s plans for world domination

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