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Matin Rey Tangu and the kiddo party have a blast at the Jungle Treasure hunt organised by The Drama Company

The Drama Company today is child’s play today with a pack of little once on the set with a lot of energy, fun and frolic. The play begins with Karan Singh Grover making an entry looking for a job at the drama company and he promises to be a good coordinator by bringing in celebrities. He does some magic performances which is a failure and the children do not laugh. Finally he calls in the guests for the day and they are the super dancer kids- Yogesh and Dipali, Akshat Singh, Hindi Medium little star-Ishita, and last but not the least the little superstar –Matin Rey Tangu of the Tubelight fame. Sugandha Misra tries her luck at becoming Matin’s girlfriend but he ignores her advances saying he has his Mishti back home. The drama begins the theme being about a lost treasure in the jungle which is being searched for by Pinku Shikari- Krushna Abhishek and his girlfriend Pinkudi-Sugandha Misra.(Also Read: EXCLUSIVE: Karan V Grover roped in to host Krushna Abhishek’s The Drama Company)

Pinku reaches the jungle as called by his bhullakad guru who is a scientist -Sudesh Lehri. Now Sudesh Lehri after a initial moments of forgetfulness tells him about the map but they are soon attacked by Tomy the Gunda-Sanket Bhosale who stabs the scientist and walks off. Pinku and Pinkudi take the map and shoot the scientist. They though end up fighting each other and end up going opposite ways with half of the maps each. The kids join the troupe and take Sugandha and Krushna across a river. Though they end up pushing each other’s boats into the so called river. They camp up and share jokes but finally the children become uncontrollable and Krushna sends them back to the care of Mithun Chakraborty . Matin though agrees to make Sugandha his girlfriend finally. Ali Asgar and Sanket Bhasale enter as Bhalu and Shera respectively. They discuss their family problems after the dance to ‘bham bham bhole masti mey dole‘. Shera says he married a lomdi and has ostrich as a child so he seems to be the only earning member as he has to hunt alone. Now as they discuss Krushna and Sugandha enter searching for the tree as per the map, Shera scares them but before he can eat them tribals enter led by Sudesh Lehri who try to cook these two. After a lot of confusion it is revealed that Krushna , Sanket and Sudesh are related and they have a confused family reunion. Matin comes in with a knife and scares them all away.


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