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Mahesh Babu to make his Bollywood debut with the SPYder remake?

As his movie graced the theatre earlier this week (it was released on Wednesday), there have been talks about remaking SPYder in Bollywood. After all AR Murugadoss is a brand name in the Hindi film industry after having three hits under his belt – the blockbuster Ghajini with Aamir Khan, Holiday with Akshay Kumar and Akira with Sonakshi Sinha. However, if you thought that Akshay or Aamir might play the lead in the remake, you could be wrong. For as per a report in DNA, there is a buzz that Mahesh Babu might be making his Bollywood debut with this one.

AR Murugadoss confirmed the remake is in the wings when he spoke to the paper about the deal. He said, “Mahesh Babu’s home audience expects a certain kind of heroism from him. In Spyder, he is not larger-than-life. So, it’s taking his fans in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana longer to accept him in as an understated, low-key heroism. Whereas in Tamil Nadu, the audience is more accepting of his scaled-down heroism. The producers will finalise the deal in the next 10 days.” However, he didn’t reveal much about the remake being Mahesh Babu’s long-delayed Bollywood debut.

Coming to the original, the movie has Mahesh Babu play a surveillance officer who taps phones of people, and help the distressed anonymously. However, his whole life is shaken when a dreaded serial killer, played by SJ Suryah, and his equally menacing brother, played by Bharath, began to trouble the city with murders of innocent men.

While the movie got to a fantastic opening, especially overseas, middling reviews and Mahesh Babu’s own average box office spree these days are hampering the movie’s collections. Interestingly, the Tamil-Telugu bilingual SPYder is doing better in Tamil Nadu than in Andhra which is Mahesh Babu’s stronghold. But with a budget of Rs 125 crore, SPYder has to do some really great business in the days ahead to break even.

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