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Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 15th October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Laxmi is taken by Narkasur as Parvati decides to take the form of Kaamakhya

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai starts with Narkasur planning to take over Laxmi so that all the prosperity is his forever. Kartikeyan wants to put an end to Narkasur even before he can start the trouble. Parvati(Pooja B Sharma) calms Kartikeyan and says that they cannot do that as they are Devs and Shiv is right to say that they have to set an example to the world. Parvati meets a disturbed Shiv and tells him they should support Narayan in the troubled times. Shiv does not agree but Parvati argues and makes him realise that Narayan is his biggest worshiper and they should be there for him. Narayan gets food for Laxmi and she is surprised as he looks overwhelmed. He tells her that he wants to thank her for that she has always done for him. She says she does not want to be separated by him ever and he wishes the same. Suddenly Laxmi feels her being called away by someone and she tells Vishnu that she does not want to go. Vishnu tells her that they have to do as per Mahadev’s (Saurabh Raaj Jain)boon granted and she needs to stay with Narkasur till he dies. Shiv and Parvati witness the separation as Laxmi tells Vishnu that she would wait bfor him and that she knows he will not let anything wrong happen to her.(Also Read: Narayan is hurt by Shiv’s decision while Parvati wonders about the reason)

Parvati asks Shiv to stop this yet Shiv is helpless. Later Vishnu tells Shiv that it is not his fault as it was quite naturally for him to grant the boon to Narkasur. Vishnu says he will face his destiny and Karma. Shiv is now furious even as Parvati tries to calm him. Shiv walks to stop Narkasur and tells Parvati that he has crossed his limits by taking Laxmi hostage. Laxmi reaches Narkasur and warns him against following this path. Narkasur says that he will not be stopped anymore and will now pursue his will. Shiv walks to stop Narkasur and the world burns as the Devs worry of how to stop him. Parvati intervenes and calms down Shiv saying they can be together in this and he does not necessarily need to break his boon. Shiv calms down as he tells Parvati that Narkasur has just begun his havoc and laxmi’s haran was not his motive. Narkasur tells Laxmi as he has now in possession all the wealth of the world that he will never let her go. Narkasur’s father tells Laxmi that Narkasur is planning to get 16000 wives. He wishes to have sons who would be unbeatable by Mahadev’s boon. Narkasur controls the mind of apsaras and they reach him. Narkasur welcomes them as the future mothers of his sons and tells that he will kill Laxmi on amaavas. Parvati hears that the apsaras have been kept at a place which she is attached to her. She asks Shiv and he tells her that it was where Sati’s yoni bhag fell when Vishnu had cut it. Parvati has a plan and she decides to take the form of Kaamakhya devi so as to stop Narkasur as Narkasur prepares to call upon  Parvati as Laxmi tells him that he has managed to anger Mahakali. Shiv though knows that Kaamakhya’s energy cannot be limited  and she cannot stopped so she will have to step on him as it is only his body that can sustain that amount of energy.


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