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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st July 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Dev goes on from Sona’s office to Sona’s wardrobe-he wants her all for himself!

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) getting on with his ideas and discussing with the designers for the construction of office at home itself. Ishwari(Supriya Pilgaonkar) asks Dev if he has discussed this with Sona (Erica Fernandes)  before proceeding and he says that she is not getting his point now but once the office is made she will find it more comfortable and will herself understand. Sona walks in there and Dev oblivious to her irritation asks her to check out the designs. Sona gets even more pissed at his seemingly carefree attitude and asks the designers to go away as she has some more discussions to make with her husband. Once they are gone Sona makes it clear to Dev that she cannot work from hom as she will feel bound all the time she also tells him that if she is not fighting with him to prove her point does not mean that she is Ok with all her decisions being made by him. She asks him if he had any replies to what she asked him the other day. Dev says yes he also is responsible for Soha and so he too will work from home. Sona asks him to keep his ideas and prepares to leave. (Also Read: Dev forbids Sona from stepping out of the house and imposes it on her)

Dev asks Ishwari if he would ever feel tied when she has kept him so near her always. Sona asks him to not drag Ma into this but Ishwari who is actually pretty confused ends up supporting her son. She tells Sona that she was away from Dev all this while so he just wants to keep her close. Sona gets a call and rushes for her office as she tells Dev she understands he is doing this for her but he needs to understand her point of view too. Sona walks away and Dev is confident she will come his way once the office is made, he says he will not change his decision now. Nikki(Aashika Bhatia) and Riya(Ankita Bhaguna) discuss about Dev’s new work from home idea. Ishwari says Dev loves Sona and he is doing all this for her. Nikki agrees that Dev is doing all this for love and Sona should not have a problem even though Ishwari still seems contradicted about it. Later as Ishwari sits working on her office job mamaji sits with her. Mamaji asks her about Sonakshi. Ishwari says Dev is doing what he thinks is right and it is for Sona’s well being. Mamaji reminds her that she is thinking like Dev’s mother and she should for a moment think like Sona’s mother -the mother of a daughter all of whose major life decisions are being taken by someone else. Ishwari almost gets his point. (Also Read: Sona witnesses a new colour in Dev which scares her)

Vicky(Vaibhav Singh) meets his son Golu in the school and promises to become a good father and also play with him. He says he would keep meeting Golu in school till he cannot come back home. Once the school is over Soha and Golu both meet Vicky and are very happy. Vicky wants to take Golu to gamepark and Golu will not go without Soha. Vicky is reluctant but then he agrees when the kids promise to handle the situation. Sona is meeting clients in office and she is told that all her lined up meetings have been rescheduled to her home. Sona is infuriated further when her secretary tells her that they have sent out letter for the address change of her office. Sona loses her cool and asks the girl to re-schedule the meetings at once and tells her she has the final word in her own office. Dev coolly calls her and asks her to come home as her meetings are scheduled at home. Ishwari hears him as she realises that things have gotten worse that she imagined.

Ishwari is surprised when the children walk in late and also walks away coolly without any demands of food after telling her that they had an extra class. Soha feels guilty later on as she lied to her Dadi about going to the game parlour. She writes down her lies so she can apologise later but Golu baba has other plans and tears off the page asking her to forget about it as when children lie it becomes truth. Sona returns home red with anger and Dev stops her becoming all romantic-he is such a charmer as he quite knows his wife’s moods and how to handle them!! He takes her to their room which is filled with designer dresses. She is surprised but gets disturbed when she knows everybody in her family was a part of designing her wardrobe. Dev wants to see her smiling and asks her to look at herself from his eyes. He selects a dress for her and asks her to wear it for the day as he leaves Sona looks on shocked.

Precap: Sona is angry and tells Dev that their love is different from the love that he shares with his mother, she says she is different and she cannot be with him the way his mother is with him and as they discuss Ishwari looks on sad.


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