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Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 review: Shiny Doshi gets eliminated after performing a disgusting task

Sunday night has begun on an adventurous note with the latest episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi season. Without wasting much time, they got started with the first task. As the task goes, they have to hit a target zone on the spot with frisbees while travelling under a moving trailer. Shiny doshi, Ravi dubey and Nia Sharma are to perform this one. Nia Sharma aced this one as she got ther target right thrice. Ravi Dubey escaped a fear funda by a close shave as his frisbee was 2mts away from the target, while Shiny’s was three mts, thus giving her a fear Funda. Also Read: Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 review: Shibani Dandekar gets eliminated, Geeta Phogat shines bright in the creepy crawly task

The next stunt was performed by Rithvik and Lopamudra. They had to walk on a narrow ramp, pluck a piece of cloth and climb a ladder. They had walk three ramps like that. Rithvik performs the task really well even though he appeared to ne nervous. However Lopamudra beat him to task by nine seconds.

Rohit shetty had a little fun with the boys. He makes them do the famous towel dance. Karan Wahi aces  the dance, even Shantanu does a good job.

The next task was paired one. They were asked to get into a car underwater. And when they were given the signal, they were asked to unlock a drawer in the car, remove a yellow flag and then swim to the trunk of car to rescue the other partner who was locked inside. Shiny and Manveer are one pair, while Karan and Rithvik are the toher pair. While Shiny struggled to unlock the drawer in the car, thus completing the task only after two minutes. Karan and Rithvik completed it in flat 36 seconds. Their fear fundas were taken away thus keeping them in the safe zone.

The twist was who lost this task would straight go the elimination zone and would compete against each other. So now Shiny and Manveer are battling to save their place in Khatron Ke khiladi. Their task is plain disgusting. They are asked to swim in a tank filled fish guts, liver, insides of stomach of all kinds of sea food animals to retrieve weights in 10 minutes. Shiny gives it her best shot and retrieves six weights. She comes out crying because she doesn’t know if she has done her best. She found the task completely gross. Manveer is so calm while doing the task. He in fact cracks a few jokes while looking for the weights. Everyone is cracking up because of his jokes. It doesn’t even feel like he is doing an elimination task. Hats off to Manveer for keeping his calm!

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