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Ishqbaaz 31 July, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay feels that Anika is hiding something while Rudra gets hand-cuffed by Bhavya

Ishqbaaz starts with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) getting mesmerized seeing Anika in the dinner date venue. She falls in his arms and O Jaana plays. He pulls out a seat for her at the table and Anika thinks that Shivaay will now behave like it is a formal dinner spreading out the napkin, etc. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) says the decoration is fantastic. SSO wonders why she is praising herself. Shivaay praises the Linguine Pasta. Anika gets annoyed and thinks he is a show off. He is using the fork and spoon while she is eating with her hands. While serving Raita, Anika drops it and Shivaay thinks it was expected. He cleans up te table and they resume. Anika takes his permission to eat with her hands. She is tucking in and he gets disgusted. A morsel of rice sticks close to her lips and Shivaay puts it inside. Anika starts licking her fingers and SSO is disgusted. She praises the Linguine pasta. He gulps down water. (Also Read: Niti Taylor’s exit, Leenesh Mattoo – Nehalaxmi Iyer’s rumoured affair, Aashka Goradia’s engagement – a look at what made news on TV!)

He asks Anika why is she smiling? She says it is her wish. Rudra is slyly filming the dinner date and thinks who will make them understand that they are made for each other. Rudra puts the picture on Facebook and comments pour in. Ragini (Additi Gupta) sees this and is furious. She calls Samar and tells this is the time to execute our plan. She says we cannot afford delays. At the dinner table, SSO asks Anika to talk saying she has invited. She says it was you who called me. Anika says I thought you called me here to apologise for Ragini apron incident. They start arguing about who invited whom for the dinner and discover it was OmRu’s plan. Anika says their plans are futile as you do not understand anything. She walks off angrily.

Shivaay blasts OmRu for the dinner date. He is infuriated seeing the snaps Rudra has clicked. Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) tells SSO that he still likes her. Shivaay says yes I got carried but I have a bitter memory. Omkara says don’t allow a small mistake to ruin your relationship. Shivaay says what Anika did affected my family. He says would you guys be as forgiving if Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) and Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) made similar mistakes. Rudra says let us tell him everything. Omkara says no, Bhabhi made us promise otherwise. In the hall, Gauri thinks Om needs perspiration and starts working out. She feels embarrassed wearing track pants and top. Om comes there and laughs. He tells Gauri that she is damn cute and leaves. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz’s Omkara aka Kunal Jaisingh answers Bollywood Life’s 28 questions as he turns 28!)

Bhavya tries to keep the chip from Sultan’s locket safely. Rudra comes there and takes it. Bhavya demands it back. Rudra sees the pen drive and accuses Bhavya of watching pirated films. He cross-questions her. Bhavya is in a fix but decides to wriggle out of the situation. She comes closer to Rudra and runs her hand on his face in a seductive manner. He says he is not a kid. Bhavya gets even closer and says I can show you the content because you are adult. Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) says what all have you learnt in your life. Bhavya says you have forced me in a husky voice. She pins him down on the bed and says you cannot escape anywhere. Rudra says all this is wrong. Bhavya says I have no time to waste. She handcuffs him to the bed and blindfolds him too. Rudra screams for help. The brothers run to his room and find him handcuffed and blind-folded. Om and Shivaay tease him about being naughty and indulging in BDSM. Shivaay and Om don’t remove the handcuffs and run away.

Next morning, Rudra says he is unable to move his hands so Om makes toast and feeds him. He teases him about Bhavya. Rudra narrates to Om how Bhavya finally unlocked him. Shivaay joins them and they have a banter. Jhanvi is a real wreck and sits crying in a room. Svetlana is with her. Later, we see Tej walking inside with a knife while she has run away. Jhanvi is scared as Tej threatens to kill her. She wakes up screaming from her nightmare. She calls Svetlana and asks her if Tej is alive. She says it is impossible as they buried him. Svetlana calls Jhanvi home. She gets a ring from Tej’s number. Rudra tells Shivaay that he wants to say something. SSO asks him to be truthful. Om tells Shivaay that Anika said something out of circumstances or a hidden reason. SSO says she made a mistake by saying she wanted to separate us. Angrily, he says in one day she destroyed everything. Shivaay says I was about to propose to her but she broke my heart. Rudra says Pyaar is a tucchi cheez, ek jhaap se deewar par sata deti hai. Om is shocked with his vocabulary.

In the morning, Anika is making the calculation and grumbling that expenses are too high. Shivaay comes in and says her Math is all wrong. Shivaay writes the proper sum and says she is all mad. He taunts her and says your basic nature will never change. Anika says if a person changes, there is a huge reason behind it. She is about to leave but he stops her. SSO asks what happened and requests her to be honest. She starts crying and exits the room. Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) gives Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) medicines and tells her to have them. She tells her to calm down. Jhanvi says Tej called me. Svetlana says you are panicking and need to relax. Svetlana gives her a pill when the phone rings again with Tej’s name. She shows it to Svetlana who picks it up. She says the hotel manager picked it up. Pinky asks SSO if he has spoken to Tej. She informs him that he is womanising. Shivaay says how do you know? She says I have intuition. Shivaay says and Anika, what is she hiding? Pinky gets worried and asks did Anika say something. Shivaay sees her stressed and asks her if she knows something about why Anika behaved like that on that particular evening. Shivaay says there must be something. Pinky gets worried and he notices this. Shivaay asks Pinky if she is hiding something?

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