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Ishqbaaz 31 August 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: Shivaay and Anika turn chefs for each other

Anika (Surbhi Chandna) goes to the kitchen with Rudra and tells him that she doesn’t think she will be able to make Shivaay’s dish. He gives her the idea of taking internet’s help. Meanwhile, Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) calls Khanna and asks him if he knows how to make Pav Bhaji. He tells them that it’s the chef’s sweat and the sea sand that makes Chowpati’s Pav Bhaji so flavourful. Shivaay gets grossed out. He prepares something and makes Bhavya taste it. She starts couphing and sneezing. He makes Khanna taste it. He says it is perfect. Shivaay asks him to taste one more time. He runs away.

Shivaay asks Khanna to go and find out how are Anika’s preperations going on. Anika gets scared to look at her dish and scolds Rudra for giving her the wrong instructions.Khanna goes there and tells them that Shivaay’s dish is almost ready. Rudra asks Anika not to talk to Khanna as he is Shivaays’s spy. Bhavya puts some red pepper and other spices in Shivaay’s Bhaji. Khanna goes and tells Shivaay that Anika is very confident about her dish. Shivaay insists Bhavya to taste his dish once again as he knows Khanna is too loyal to give a fair opinion. Bhavya eats it and tells him that it’s terrible. Shivaay gets disappointed. Bhavya asks him to leave everything on her.

Anika gets worried and tells Rudra that they are definitely going to loose. Rudra tells her that he will never let that happen and leaves. He bumps into Bhavya. Both of them get shocked to see each other. He asks if she was going to the kitchen to ruin Anika’s dish. She starts laughing and asks him if he was planning to do the same with Shivaay’s dish. They both tell each other that they were just trying to guard their teams’ respective dishes. Bhavya goes and adds eggs in Anika’s dish while Rudra mixes sugar in Shivaay’s Bhaaji. Both the teams bring their dishes. Dadi asks them to taste each other’s dishes.Shivaay and Anika get lost in each other’s eyes. Dadi shouts out Shivaay’s name and asks him to focus on the task. Rudra and Bhavya present Anika and Shivaay’s dishes to one another. Shakti and Dadi tell them that the dishes are looking great and asks them to eat it and tell if it tastes good,too.

Shivaay gets coughing but pretends to like the dish. Bhavya asks if he is sure he likes it. He praises Anika. Anika eats the Pav Bhaji and almost vomits it out. She,too, pretends to like it. Bhavya asks them how can he like ratouille with eggs. Rudra asks Anika how can she praise a sweet Pav Bhaji. Both Shivaay and Anika get surprised with their reactions. Shivaay and Anika praise each other’s dishes. Dadi asks them to decide the winner. They both take each other’s names. Dadi gets happy and declares that their love is true. Shivaay goes and hugs Anika. Dadi stops Shivaay. Pinky comes there and asks Shivaay if she has makde this. He leaves.

Bhavya and Rudra quietly go to taste the dishes and again bump into each other. They tell each other that they had come to taste the dishes. They realise that it’s miserable and get confused that why did Shivaay and Anika lie. Dadi comes there and tells them that they love each other and he won’t ever be able to understand their feelings. Rudra tells Bhavya that if she will ever cook something nice for him, he will praise it. Bhavya asks why would she cook for him. He says that he forgot that for her, it’s just her duty that’s important. Bhavya gets hurt and leaves.

Omkara and Gauri get shocked to see the ghost. Gauri sprays the red-pepper into Omkara’s eyes by mistake.She gets shocked to see three more men coming towards them. She tells Omkara that they are thieves, not ghosts. They remove their masks and ask them to give them all the cash and jewelry they have. Omkara agrees but Gauri stops him. The goons threaten to kidnap her. Omkara asks them not to even think about it. He asks Gauri to just tell them where they are. He beats them up as Gauri gives him the directions. The goons run away. Gauri falls in Omkara’s arms. She continues giving him the directions. Omkara starts moving his fists in the air. He realises that she was pranking him and brings her closer to him.

They recall all the moments they shared with each other in the past. Gauri tells Omkara that he did a great job. They both get awkward. Omkara tells Gauri that someone will soon come to pick them up. She thanks him for everything. He tells her that it was his duty. She asks why was it his duty to protect her. He hesitantly says that she is a girl and he would have done the same if there would have been someone else in her place. She gets upset.

Kaveri aka Svetlana asks Tej to wear the cross locket and tells him that she has fixed a microphone in it so that she gets minute-by-minute updates of his locations. Tej thinks how to flop Svetlana’s plan and decides to somehow stop Jhanvi from taking them to Oberoi mansion. Jhanvi comes to take Peter and Kaveri. Peter tries to give her a chit but Kaveri comes there. Kaveri asks him to serve a Dosa to her. He puts the chit in it. Tej signals Jhanvi to read the chit but Kaveri comes and stops her. ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 30 August 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: ShiVika send RiKara on a trip to Lonavala

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