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Ishqbaaz 28 July 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Omkara and Rudra send ShiVika on a dinner date; Tej’s corpse goes missing

Ishqbaaz starts with Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) driving the car out of Pune. Enroute, police are checking cars at a check post. Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) gets nervous and says I feel the police must have found out. Svetlana tells Jhanvi to act normally. The police come close to the car and ask Svetlana why is the making so much noise. Svetlana says the car’s tyres got stuck in mud, which is why it is noisy. The cops tell Jhanvi and Tej to get out. The man recognises Jhanvi as Mrs Tej Singh Oberoi. Svetlana says he is drunk. A photographer clicks pictures of Jhanvi and Tej and says I clicked celebs today. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz: Anika to kiss and console a devastated Shivaay)

Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) finds some earlier paintings of Omkara in her bedroom and is mesmerized. She says these must be his. Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) comes from behind and says these are my works. She says I found them while taking out a blanket. Gauri says I am not a snoopy girl. He tells her to relax and checks out the paintings. He recites a shayari and shows Gauri, Rudra’s picture from childhood. He shares all his memories from childhood and tells the stories behind the sketches. Omkara tells Gauri that he has seen Jhanvi in a lot of pain and says she told him that anger must come out productively. Omkara says my anger found an expression in art. He tries to explain and Gauri says I understood your emotion. Omkara says I have treasured all the moments of our childhood together. He says I have lost my talent and mourns the lack of inspiration. He is frustrated that he cannot create anything. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz 27 July 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Jhanvi kills Tej in self-defence, Shivaay-Anika have an emotional conversation)

Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) reaches a graveyard and is looking for the coffin of John, Rudra’s friend. She digs up the grave and manages to find Sultan’s locket. It seems the locket has a chip that has business secrets. Svetlana and Jhanvi bring Tej’s body to the same graveyard. In the kitchen, Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) is annoying Omkara and Shivaay with his sad family jokes. SSO and Omkara don’t find the jokes funny. Rudra says he is missing Pari. Shivaay shows them a cute picture of Pari sent by Arundhati. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) comes there and says Awwww! Shivaay says finally you have understood when to say awww! He tells Anika to tie the knot of his apron. Ragini (Additi Gupta) walks in and says Shivaay. She says I hope I am not here in the wrong time. Rudra says your timing is always bad. Ragini asks what happened? Shivaay said my knot opened. Ragini goes behind and ties it. She gives a look to Anika who leaves.

Ragini asks them what is being made. OmRu leave the kitchen. Later, the brothers scold SSO for taking help from Ragini. He says Anika is not supposed to help me out. They say she was offering help. Shivaay says this is a non-issue. Omkara says Anika felt hurt with your behaviour. SSO says I don’t think about such trivial matters. Omkara tells Shivaay that matters between Anika and him can be sorted with a heart to heart conversation. He says it is not possible. The brothers tell him to forget what happened and look ahead. They say your happiness lies with one another. He remembers Anika calling Omkara illegitimate. He says I cannot forgive her. Omkara touches his shoulder and says what Anika said was a lie. Shivaay remembers Daimaa’s last words but tells him that it is a lie. Omkara says Anika had a misconception and said something. He says you cannot throw her out of your life because of one mistake. He reminds him of how he forcefully married Anika by holding Saahil hostage. They remind him of the time when he accused her of getting intimate with Daksh. Omkara says she always forgave you. They say why are you running away from love.

Shivaay says do you feel relationship is a video game that can be resumed any time. They tell him to handle things more maturely. OmRu call Shivaay a tadibaaz, and he says that though she is wrong, Anika is showing tadi this time. She bought the mansion to lower my image. He says I will not apologise to her. Rudra says she purchased the mansion for you. Omkara says she bought it for you. He says fight if you want to, but please go and talk to Anika Bhabhi. Shivaay says you boys have no other topic, I will not talk to her. OmRu think to devise another plan.

In the morning, Svetlana offers tea to Jhanvi who drops the cup. She tells her to behave normally. Jhanvi says Tej was my husband, I don’t know how to face my family. She says if someone finds out what we did, it will be terrible. A flashback is shown, where Svetlana and Jhanvi are seen hiding in the grave dug for Tej. Bhavya who was there points a flashlight at them. Jhanvi is worried if Bhavya saw them. Svetlana says we have to think ahead. She tells Jhanvi to pay the cab. When Jhanvi opens her purse, her phone is missing. Svetlana is furious and says we need to find the phone. She says we need to return to the graveyard.

Rudra tells Anika and Omkara tells Shivaay that their warring partner has invited them for a dinner date. Anika is smarting after seeing Ragini tie the knot. Rudra says Shivaay is worse than a girl in many matters. They finally get convinced for the dinner date. In the morning, they reach the graveyard and cannot find the spot where they buried Tej. Jhanvi tells Svetlana to call on her phone. They hear it ringing. The women dig the spot to retrieve the phone and find it. But they find Tej’s corpse missing. Jhanvi is shocked like anything.

Shivaay reaches the dinner date spot which is decked to the hilt. It is a lovely Saawariya like setting. Anika is late and he grumbles. She reaches and is impressed by the decor. He says Anika and she falls in his arms. O Jaana plays in the background. A flashback of their romantic moments are shown. A lengthy eye-lock happens between the two. Shivaay pulls out a chair for her. Jhanvi thinks what will she tell people if anyone asks about Tej. Bhavya calls out to her as Jhanvi Aunty and she panics. She asks Jhanvi if she is fine as she is looking very stressed. She says she is tired as she has been driving from Pune. Bhavya says are you sure you are driving from Pune, how come there is mud on your shoes. A flashback of the night is shown where Bhavya points the flashlight at Jhanvi. Rudra calls her out saying mom and asks where is dad. Jhanvi says I don’t know. Rudra shows her a snap of Tej and her that has come out in the newspaper. Jhanvi says the snap was clicked in Pune. She says we were together and he left for a meeting later. Rudra says dad has not called once since yesterday. Jhanvi gets annoyed and retreats to her room.

Bhavya opens Sultan’s locket and finds the chip. She opens the videos of the chip on a laptop and tells the commissioner that it is of low quality. He says he will send an officer to collect them and tells her not to show it to anyone else. The laptop’s battery runs and she decides to get it from there. Bhavya hides the chip in a piece of paper and hides it in a sofa. Bhavya enters Rudra’s room and asks for charger. He says he did not sleep last night due to poor AC. Bhavya says I know the AC was not functioning. Rudra says it was working right. He says where were you last night? Bhavya says I don’t owe you an explanation and leaves.

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