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Inder Kumar passes away: 5 revelations made by the Wanted actor about drug abuse and rape case in his last interview

Wanted actor Inder Kumar, age 42, passed away today (July 28) after suffering a severe heart attack. Everyone is shocked by this piece of news. However, not many from the film industry have reacted so far. This might be because of the fact that everyone from Bollywood had cut off ties with the actor after he was accused of raping and assaulting a struggling actress. Since 2014, the actor had been trying to prove his innocence and was left with no work, money or house. The rape case against him and his alleged drug addiction had tarnished his image. But in his last interview with Mid-day on June 20, 2014, the actor made some shocking revelations. So we decided to compile 5 revelations made by Inder Kumar about his alleged drug abuse and his rape case from his last ever interview:

# No Work

After the rape case was filed against Inder Kumar, everyone from the industry distanced themselves from the actor, leaving him with no work. As he had revealed to the tabloid, “I have a 15-month-old daughter and wife to fend for and I have no work and no money.” (ALSO READ – Inder Kumar passes away at 42; Raveena Tandon, Rannvijay Singha pay condolences)

# No place to stay

Just before the court ruling in the rape case, Inder Kumar had received a notice from his landlord to vacate his flat. Post that, no one was ready to give him a flat for rent and hence, he had no place to stay. As he added, “We were asked to vacate the house in just one month. It is difficult for me to get a house on rent now. My stuff is lying in a warehouse and we are living at a friend’s place.”

# Industry cut ties

As we revealed, once the actress accused Inder Kumar of rape, everyone from Bollywood had cut off ties with the actor. So, obviously no one came forward to help him in his time of need, except one. As Inder had mentioned, “When I got arrested, my daughter fell ill. My wife, Pallavi, asked for help to bail me out, but no one came forward. Only one person stood by us — Dolly Bindra; other than her, my wife and I didn’t receive a single phone call from anyone in the film industry.”

# The alleged rape case

While talking about the case against him, the actor did not want to speak much, but he did reveal that the actress was just trying to seek revenge and this has damaged his reputation. As he revealed, “I have no money in the bank; we had to sell our car to pay lawyers. It took just one person to shatter my reputation. I really want to know why the law does not give you a chance to give your side of the story. I respect women, but in this case, the woman was seeking revenge.” Ask him about his relationship with the actress and he says, “I don’t want to talk much about the case as the matter is sub-judice.” (ALSO READ – 5 pics of late actor Inder Kumar with Salman Khan that showcases their brotherhood)

# Drug addiction

Inder Kumar even clarified that he did not abuse drugs and it was his medication that had been blown out of proportion. As the actor added, “There is a misconception about it. After my helicopter fall, my back has been acting up often. When I was moved to Arthur Road jail, it got aggravated and I needed painkillers to get rid of the pain, that’s it.”

We send our heartfelt condolences to Inder Kumar‘s family and friends. Stay tuned for more updates about Inder Kumar right here…

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