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Here’s why Manoj Goyal’s wife Neelima committed suicide

In a shocking state of affairs, Manoj Goyal’s wife Neelima committed suicide on 29th July. She was found hanging from the ceiling at her Kandivli Residence. Reportedly she left a note behind that stated she was ending her life due to depression. She also mentioned in the note that nobody should be blamed for her death. Also Read: Sab TV actor Manoj Goyal’s wife Neelima commits suicide

Certain reports suggested, when Manoj Goyal was out for work and their eight year old daughter was at school, she locked herself up before taking this extreme step. When her daughter came back, she found the door locked and her mother to be nowhere. She summoned the neighbour who in turn called the police. They broke opened the door and found her hanging. Certain reports suggest it was Manoj Goyal who found her dead body. their daughter was at a tution class at the time of the incident, a Hindustan Time report states.

While reports suggest, she was under depression, it turns out they were having financial issues. “Manoj told us that they were facing financial problems, which often resulted in arguments between the two. The reason for their bickering would be his inability to find a foothold in the film and television industry,” revealed a police as per rpeorts on Hindustan Times.

Manoj Goyal is a popular SAB tv actor who has been part of shows like Golmaal hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai. Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai. He has also been part of a few Bollywood films – Company, Bunty Aur Babli to name a few, as per reports on Hindustan Times.

One of the co-stars who maintained anonymity,”One doesn’t get to know the family too personally while working. Manoj and Neelima were a happy couple and it’s shocking to hear the news. My condolence to the family and hope God gives strength to Manoj and his daughter to overcome the loss.” as per reports on Indian Express.

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