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Former Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manu Punjabi on Swami Om: All that he said after coming out of the show was rubbish

With just a few days left for Bigg Boss 11 to take off on television, the excitement around it is increasing. It’s not just fans who are excited but it’s contestants from the previous seasons, too, who are thrilled to watch what the show has in store for the audience this time. Bigg Boss 10 finalist Manu Punjabi will be hosting a new show called BB Chai Pe Charcha with Manu Punjabi where he will giving his expert comments on the current season. In fact, you’ll also get to see quite a few guests on his show where he’ll discuss the hottest trend from inside the house.

Manu was a part of one of the most controversial seasons of Bigg Boss where there was a man called Swami Om who created so much chaos even Salman Khan lost his cool. But if you remember, after being thrown out of the house, Swami Om kept telling everyone that he has slapped Salman and that Salman begged for forgiveness. We couldn’t think of a better word than LOL to react to his statements. Talking to TOI, Manu spoke about Swami Om’s blasphemous statements and how he was the only reason for the show to be a super hit. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: First pic from the sets of Salman Khan’s show is here!)

He said, “We can’t even touch Salman Khan’s shadow. The show’s format is such that we don’t get to meet Salman Khan personally or any other person. We have to stay with each other for three months. Salman Khan doesn’t need a show to promote himself why will he come inside the house. All that Swami Om said after coming out of the show was rubbish. There are cameras inside the house, it is not possible to hide anything from it.”

He added, “Everyone abuses Swami Om and even I find him an absurd person, but you can’t deny that it was Swami Om who made Bigg Boss a superhit show. He used to always come up with plans which were never successful and we had to eventually pay a prize for it. But audiences were entertained because of his antics. He is a sick person and he needs treatment.” Okay we agree with that last line completely.

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