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‘F**k you guys’ says Anubhav Sinha to those who claimed the poster of Sanjay Dutt’s Bhoomi is a copy of Liam Neeson’s Grey

Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has nothing to do with Omung Kumar’s Bhoomi, but he is enraged by claims that the first poster of the Sanjay Dutt-starrer is copied from a Hollywood film. He says he is not in favour of “some bizarre, out of work, useless pests” who put people’s hard work down.

Sanjay shared the poster on his 58th birthday on Saturday, and it shows a close-up with him in a grim mood with his face covered with dust and blood. Some people highlighted the resemblance of the Bhoomi poster with Liam Neeson’s film Grey.To prove his point, Sinha took to his Facebook page and cited examples of several other projects that used close-up shots for their poster. The lengthy post that came with a disclaimer ‘Warning – abusive language alert’, read: “Bollywood is so full of some bizarre, out of work, useless pests. Can’t put a movie together themselves and they start running down other people’s work the moment a movie gets off the ground.” He went on to explain what bothered him, and also cleared that he is not speaking up because he has some vested interest attached to the project — which is directed by Omung Kumar, and backed by Bhushan Kumar and Sandeep Singh.

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Sinha added: “This afternoon saw a fantastic poster of ‘Bhoomi’ (I have nothing to do with the film but for the fact that I love Sanju). Minutes later, another Liam Neeson poster of a movie called ‘Grey’ started circulating as the one ‘Bhoomi’ copied. F*ck you guys!” Check out the post right here…

The Tum Bin maker continued: “It is a bloody close-up and I attach here quite a few such posters that for sure did not copy each other. These are posters made of a close-up. I think the ‘Bhoomi’ poster is fantastic and that’s it.””And you mother-f***ing losers, remember if Bollywood does well, chances are you will also get to make a film someday. Sorry about my abusive language. But I am angry, very angry! So if you can’t put a movie together, shut the f**k up.”

Touched by the post, Omung also took to Twitter to thank Sinha. He posted: “It is encouraging that while on one side we have people who are on the move to kill the zeal of passionate filmmakers, on the other side, we have people who are empathetic. Thanks for putting it in words Anubhav, what it takes to put together and release it. As long as we have people like you to support and encourage us, the show will go on.”


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