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EXCLUSIVE! Aamir Khan possess something interesting from the iconic train sequence in Ghulam, reveals Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt is one of the few filmmakers pf Bollywood who has tried his hands at almost all genres be it horror, comedy, action, relationship drama etc. He is one of the few filmmakers who has worked with the likes of superstars to debutantes. And this year he completes 25 years in the film industry as a filmmaker. And in his illustrious career of 25 years he’s delivered big blockbusters to plain duds. But if we have count one film that changed his fortune then that was his collaboration with Aamir Khan for super hit Ghulam. The much loved Aamir Khan starrer has gained cult status over the years and is remembered for the chartbuster “Aati Kya Khandala”, the life lessons, the climax fight scene and the high on adrenaline train running sequence.

So we caught up with Vikram Bhatt to congratulate him on the completion of 25 years in Bollywood and asked him about the inside details on working with Aamir Khan and the story behind that dangerous train sequence. Also read: Vikram Bhatt wants Hrithik Roshan to play Pennywise – The Dancing Clown in the Indian version of Stephen King’s IT

Talking about the film Vikram Bhatt agreed that it was first Fareb and then the huge success of Ghulam that changed fortunes for him. He says, “Aamir and I knew each other right from Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin because I had done the post productions of that film and then I also directed his brother for his first film Madhosh. So we knew each other for a long time. Ghulam was a film that took 2 years to make. There were many sequences that were tough be it the train sequence, the climax, the boxing sequence, were all tough to shoot. Aamir is a great team player and such joy to work with.”

When I asked him about one thing he loved about Aamir Khan while directing him, he says, “Aamir is so dedicated and is so much of a team person. He’s part of a unit. Aamir is always a part of the solution, he’s never a part of a problem. I think that’s the best part about Aamir.”

And finally when I asked him about the details of that iconic train sequence and if Aamir did his own stunts, he reveals, “So the story is that what happened was the first shot Aamir insisted that he’d give. I was hugely oppose to it but Aamir said, ‘Arey main kar loong and it won’t be a problem’ and then I said ‘Okay chalo fine’, and then what happened that the train came faster than Aamir expected and Aamir missed the train by only a second because in the edit we could see he has missed the train by 24 frames. Aamir has still got those 24 frames with him. He wanted to keep it as a memory, as a souvenir. So he still got those 24 frames with him.” Also read: After Aamir Khan, now Amitabh Bachchan’s look from Thugs of Hindostan gets leaked and it’s DEADLY!

Aamir Khan Ghulam

Vikram then continues saying that the next two shots he didn’t let him do it on his own. He says, “So the next two shots, I was like to hell with you, you are not gonna do it anymore. So next two shots were special effects.”

You can check out the iconic scene below:

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