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England v South Africa: third Test, day five – live!

11.36am BST

46th over: South Africa 150-4 (Elgar 91, Bavuma 29) Bavuma shoves three to extra cover, then Elgar moseys into the 90s with two turned into the on side. The batsmen look in control.

Back in the days before the whole duty of care malarkey kicked in and teachers were forced to actually show a little human decency/compassion I endured a particularly pleasant lesson,” emails Phil Withall. “The school sports fields were up on the moors above Sheffield and were exposed to the brunt of a Yorkshire winter. If the bus could make it there the lesson would go ahead irrespective of the weather. During a particularly heavy period of snow we were forced to run a cross country course that included going through waist deep snowdrifts. Obviously hot showers were forced on us all.

11.31am BST

45th over: South Africa 145-4 (Elgar 89, Bavuma 26) England have had enough of nothing happening, so put in a short leg and two men out on the pull. Or, put another way, he’s suggesting that he and Elgar whack their stones on the table and be done with it. The over begins with three dots, and then Elgar opens the face to earn four … off a no ball. You’ve got to laugh.

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