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Diwali Special: Shantanu Maheshwari, Rohan Mehra, Kanchi Singh, Asha Negi reveal whose Diwali they did love to light up

The festival of lights is here. Diwali will be celebrated for the next couple of days all over India with people lighting diyas, gorging on sweets, socialising with friends and most importantly, welcoming Goddess Lakshmi into their homes. While the world celebrates splurging on what they love, there are many whose Diwali is shrouded in darkness due to various reasons. These include the under-privileged. So, here we have a few celebs talking about whose Diwali they did like to light up this season…

Rohan Mehra
I feel blessed that we get to celebrate such lovely festivals with our families, but there are sadly a lot of underprivileged children in our city itself who don’t get the opportunity to do so. This Diwali, I would love to bring smiles on their faces by spending some time with these children, organizing some nice food for them to eat, Diwali sweets to gorge on. As Diwali is all about new beginnings, would love to gift them new clothes to brighten up their festive season too!


Munmun Dutta
What I believe in (and do but avoid talking lest people think that i am bragging), is why not use our resources to make someone’s day. Go and feed the needy, give off your old clothing to someone in need, be charitable and be KIND, and become responsible for something that accounts for some real celebration in someone’s life. All year round I keep giving out my old clothes in great condition to people in need. The other day I gave a purse and three dresses to this little homeless girl on a Juhu road and the happiness that I saw on her face is priceless. Also, once I have distributed sweet packets to some of our traffic police seeing them sacrificing their family time for us.


Shantanu Maheshwari
I would love to in fact celebrate my Diwali with the poor and needy street children. They are honestly the ones who deserve the most happiness! I would love to feed them some nice Diwali delicacies, sweets and farsan, conduct a pooja with them if possible, and then burst crackers with them too to bring in all the light into the night! For me, seeing a smile on their face this festive season, would be the ultimate high.


Kanchi Singh
If given a chance, I would love to visit an orphanage and try and light up the kids lives there! They have nobody to really do the same, so I would love to shower them with yummy Diwali food, sweets,gifts, get them to play some games, and just watch the vibrant smiles on their faces, which would make me smile too!


Asha Negi
This Diwali, I am planning to head home to Dehradun to surprise my parents and family and enjoy the festivities with them! I am quite excited about it, and very sure I will definitely light up their Diwali this season! Eagerly looking forward to it!


Mishal Raheja
Every year, I make it a point to distribute sweets to street kids, old homeless people on the streets as well as our police force who stand day and night to control the traffic and public menace on such days! Seeing smiles on their faces always lights up my Diwali!


Anuj Sachdeva
This Diwali, I would really make an effort to light up the festival for the street animals – dogs and cats! By not bursting any crackers at all which actually do harm and scare them! So this Diwali, is dedicated to their well-being from me!


Bollywood Life wishes everyone a happy Diwali. Stay blessed and stay safe..

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