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BRAVO! Baahubali star Scarlett Wilson slaps an actor who tries to misbehave with her

Scarlett Wilson, the English model and actress, who was last seen in the song Manohari from Baahubali: The Beginning made news sometime back for quite a brave step. She slapped an alleged pervert on the sets of her upcoming movie, when he tried to misbehave with her. The incident happened on the sets of Hansa – Ek Sanyog, a Bollywood movie, where Scarlett Wilson had an item song in the movie. As per a report in News Nation, this particular actor who was named Umakant Rai was seen making very crude gestures towards the actress. He crossed the limit when he tried to touch her hair, and that’s where Wilson lost her cool and slapped the guy. She reportedly stormed out of the sets after that, bringing the shoot to a halt.

Speaking to the news channel, the crew members confirmed the incident, and they also revealed that after the actress slapped the alleged pervert, they also manhandled him and threw the guy out of the sets. The channel has also been in touch with the film’s producer Suresh Sharma who said he will be taking the complaint to the Film Federation of India, and they are expecting an apology soon from the actor, failing which his acting license will be cancelled.  However, there is no confirmation that a police report has been filed. You can check out the video on the link here, though please do excuse the reporter called Scarlett Wilson mistakenly as Scarlett Johannson once, and even referred to her as a Hollywood actress. When will people learn that just because an actress is of a foreign nationality, it doesn’t mean that she is a Hollywood actress? You have to do Hollywood movies to get that tag.

Scarlett Wilson, who is married to former Bigg Boss contestant and actor Pravesh Rana, will be seen next in Akshay Kumar’s Gold. She was also seen in the past in item songs in movies like Shanghai, R…Rajkumar and Tamil movie Jilla.

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