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Bigg Boss 11: This vulgar video of Arshi Khan is going viral and obviously for all the wrong reasons

Arshi Khan is surely making a lot of noise inside the Bigg Boss house. Her blunt behaviour has caused a lot of fights inside the Bigg Boss house. First it was Hina Khan, who had a tiff with her. And then it was Sapna Choudhary, who threatened to injure her seriously after she made insensitive comments on her profession. As if that was enough, Arshi’s friend, Shilpa Shinde too went against her and lashed out at her. And to top all of that, host Salman Khan too reprimanded her for using foul language inside the house and strictly warned her and asked her to behave properly.

But then Arshi has caused havoc not only inside the Bigg Boss house, but outside too. An old video, which was shot by Arshi with one of her female friends is going viral on the internet, and not for the right seasons. In the video, Arshi introduces her friend, but the focus shifts from the introduction to the cheap actions in the video. Watch it and you will know what we are trying to say: ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Lucinda Nicholas makes 5 shocking revelations after her eviction


Well, this video doesn’t really come as a surprise considering how controversial Arshi is. Arshi grabbed the headlines at one point of time as she claimed that she had sex with Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi. Some reports stated that they both dated for some time. In fact, some rumours suggested that they secretly holidayed in Dubai. Shahid, of course denied all these reports.

She was also reported to be involved in a sex racket in Pune. According to a report published in October 2016 in Pune Mirror, Pune city police suspected that Arshi was a part of the racket. Another man, Vipul Dahal, who was said to be her agent was in fact arrested by the cops. Reportedly, there were some audio clips of conversations between Vipul and Arshi in the evidence which proved that she was looking for clients.

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