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Bigg Boss 11: Lucinda Nicholas makes 5 shocking revelations after her eviction

In a surprising turn of events, Lucinda Nicholas, who entered the Bigg Boss house this year as a padosi along with Mehjabi siddiqui, Luv Tyagi and Sabyasachi Satapathy got voted out in the last night’s episode. As we all know, these four padosis, who were living separately away from the other housemates in an adjacent house in the first week entered the main house just few days back. They were assigned a secret task wherein they had to introduce themselves to the rest of the contestants as a family. And as long as the contestants don’t figure out the truth, the padosis will have an immunity.

But then Luv and Mehjabi couldn’t put up with the act for long as Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani found out that they are lying. And as a punishment, the four padosis had to bear the brunt, but it’s Lucinda, who was evicted as rest of the housemates voted to eliminate her.

The Australian model is out of the house and has made some interesting revelations in an interview with Indian Express. Check them out:

She blames Luv and Mehjabi for her elimination

“I am extremely disappointed with my elimination. It was Luv and Mehjabi who couldn’t be in their characters and thus our secret was out. I had to pay the price of their mistake. It’s a really sad feeling. While me and Sabyasachi were in our characters, Luv was not comfortable portraying a homosexual and thus gave up when Vikas (Gupta) questioned him. Even Mehjabi wasn’t convincing enough. It’s so sad that we lost the task so soon and the housemates chose me without any consideration of the way I performed,” she was quoted the portal.

Language was another issue for her

“Firstly language was a major issue but I was learning. Now I can have an entire conversation in Hindi. Secondly, when I entered the show, I was astonished and with so many powers in the padosis hands. I was taking time to understand the game. Yes, I regret going in a shell trying to cope up with the surprises but that’s my personality. Also from the time, we entered the main house, I did not want to fight and create controversy for we had to maintain our characters and also the position of decision makers,” she added. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Sshivani Durga blames Om Swami for her ouster from Salman Khan’s show – here’s why

She finds Akash Dadlani’s thought process cheap

Lucinda said, “Initially it was funny the way he sang for me but it slowly turned really dirty. He kept asking me to kiss him and even when I said no, he kept on persuading me. It was disgusting when he told me that a girl’s no actually means yes. That’s a very cheap thought and I am relieved to get away from him.”

She can’t pick a winner yet

“It’s very difficult to choose a winner now as people have just started opening up. It will take some few more weeks before we know their real personality. But I really support Hina Khan, Hiten and Puneesh Sharma,” Nicholas said.

What are your thoughts on Lucinda’s eviction from Bigg Boss 11? Tell us in the comments below.

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