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Bigg Boss 11 16th October 2017 Episode 16 LIVE Updates: Akash Dadlani swears to make Puneesh Sharma’s life a living hell inside the house

In Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, Salman Khan was seen having a conversation with the padosi contestants, where he mentioned that the padosis, as a result of their inefficient performance in the secret task assigned to them, have lost a golden chance of gaining immunity for a very long time. The chances of Bigg Boss letting go of a blunder are very slim. In today’s episode, there is a surprise in store for the contestants –  an eviction is on the charts. One of the padosi contestants – Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Lucinda Nicholas and Luv Tyagi – will be voted out.

The surprise eviction will take place in a very interesting ‘andaaz’. Flasks with liquid of different colors will be assigned to each padosi. Each one of the contestants will be seen breaking the flask assigned to the one they wish to evict from the house. This is the first time that padosis will be going through the stress of eviction and each one of them will have a stiff time convincing the ‘ghar waale’ not to plunge their flask into the drum filled with rocks.

As the padosis try to save themselves from nominations, Akash composes a rap on their dreadful situation. He also asks Lucinda to kiss him if he wants him to save her. The process begins and Shilpa votes out Lucinda as she says that this is an Indian show and Lucinda is not from India. Racist much? Hiten Tejwani drops the flask in Luv’s drum. Akash votes out Lucinda because while communicating with her he has to talk in English, which is against the rules of the show. Puneesh Sharma also votes out Lucinda as he says that she was very much flirting with Akash, but after he went overboard, she went and complained about him to each and every housemate. Benafsha Soonawalla votes out Luv. Hina wanted to save Luv and therefore votes Lucinda out. Sapna Choudhary also said that she is not able to communicate with Lucinda and hence votes her out. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 15th October 2017 Episode 13 LIVE Updates: Sshivani Durga evicted, Vikas Gupta apologises to Hina Khan, Puneesh-Bandgi continue to flirt

Mehjabi saves Luv and votes to evict Lucinda. Jyoti Kumari was the sensible one as she votes out Luv. She says that despite him knowing Hindi and Lucinda not, she has had more interactions with Lucinda.

On the other hand, Hina and Vikas, who were not on talking terms, sit together and clear all their misunderstandings. Vikas tells her that each contestant in the house is trying to put a wedge in their friendship. VIkas suggests that they should pretend to be at each other’s necks so that they can understand the game that every other contestant is playing.

Luv votes Lucinda out too. Lucinda knew that she has lost and she votes out Luv. Bigg Boss announces that Lucinda has been evicted and asks her to walk through the exit door and leave the house. She bids farewell to everyone and makes an exit.

And now it was time for nominations. Vikas being the captain of the house is safe. Plus he is given an additional power wherein he is asked to give seven names of the contestants he wants to nominate for evictions this week. Vikas picks Sapna, Shilpa Shinde (because she still scares him and hasn’t let the bygones be bygones), Hina (because she didn’t obey his commands), Puneesh (for casting aspersions on Lucinda’s character), Mehjabi (because she made a mistake and hence Vikas figured out about their secret task), Luv and Akash.

As expected, the rest of the contestants had to nominate two people from the seven contestants picked by Vikas. Hiten is called inside the confession room and he nominates Puneesh and Luv.  Mehjabi picks Sapna and Akash. Shilpa nominates Luv and Hina. Luv nominates Hina and Sapna. Hina picks Akash and Puneesh. Jyoti nominates Shilpa and Puneesh. Benafsha nominates Akash and Puneesh. Puneesh nominates Mehjabi. Sapna nominates Hina and Shilpa. Bandgi Kalra nominates Hina and Mehjabi. Akash nominates Sapna and Hina. Sabyasachi nominated Hina and Shilpa. Arshi Khan nominates Luv and Hina.

Hina, Sapna, Puneesh, Luv and Akash are announced to be in the danger zone this week.

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