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Beyhadh 31st July 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Arjun locates Maya, goes on to find her, Maya decides to kill Rajeev and Saanjh

Beyhadh starts with Arjun(Kushal Tandon)  and Saanjh(Aneri Vajani) getting surrounded by the police. Ranvir is prepared to trap them this time as he has emtied the hospital and he gives Saanjh and Arjun 5 mins to surrender or the police enters the building. Arjun suddenly gets an idea and he take Saanjh to the bathroom. Maya(Jennifer Winget) and Samay(Piyush Sahdev) speak as they drive away and Samay tells her that Arjun will not escape this time and that he himself had called for the police. Maya though smiles with confidence that he definitely will escape. Maya tells Samay that Arjun has not come all this way to go back to the jail she is sure that Arjun will definitely find his way to her soon. Samay gets angry and nstops the car dragging Maya out. Samay asks Maya how his love will never win and always he has to face Arjun in between himself and Maya. (Also Read: Maya and Arjun come face to face once again-this time with hate!)

Maya tells Samay that she is confident about Arjun’s love and he would never put his love in danger and he would never put Saanjh in danger. Arjun shows Saanjh the toilet seat and tells her that this is their way of escape. Arjun takes a rode nearby and starts digging the floor after breaking the toilet seat. Soon Ranvir enters the building and they search around. The doctor takes them to the room where Arjun was and soon they see the toilet floor dug. Ranvir informs the police team outside about keeping a watch at the sewage opening but by then Arjun and Saanjh are out and they have punctured one of the police jeeps while they fled in another one as Ranvir screams of anger. Samay asks Maya if his love is never enough for her. Maya says love is never enough from anywhere. She tells Samay that Arjun will come to her soon and then she will herself kill Arjun as only she has the right to touch Arjun and no one else does even in death. Maya goes on to add that after Arjun’s death she can start afresh with her life. Samay laughs saying if she thinks Arjun can escape the police this time. As they have tea at some other place Samay observes that he has to bring Arjun to Maya so she can get over him and come to Samay. Samay says he does not have a plan to save Arjun though. Maya smiles as she says Arjun will save himself and he will not get caught. Suman and Shubh are worried when they receive a call from Saanjh asking Shubh to track Maya’s number. Shubh tells them that Maya’s location is somewhere on Maharashtra borders where there is a small village and they can find Maya anywhere in 5km radius there. Soon they see news on television about Arjun’s escape and Maya thinks asking Arjun to come to her soon. Samay laughs saying now his love will win finally. Maya watches him and thinks that her and Arjun’s ways where the same it has gone a little astray but it is time to make it one again. She says in love sacrifice is necessary and in their love Saanjh and Rajeev will give the sacrifice by giving up their lives.

Precap: Arjun and Saanjh search around for Maya by showing her picture but no one seems to know her, finally Arjun bumps into Maya herself and they fall together but Maya has her face covered though Arjun calls out her name.

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