Beyhadh 31st August 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Arjun is dead while Maya refuses to eat and her condition becomes critical

Beyhadh starts with the inspector finding Maya(Jennifer Winget) unconscious in her cell. They find her burning with fever and fear that she might die in the jail. They shift her to the hospital where her condition is announced to be very critical. The doctor asks the inspector to stop torturing her and try to feed her something as she might die with a slight more torture. They try to feed her food and also through tube but Maya being Maya spits out every morsel and asks the inspector to get her Arjun(Kushal Tandon). The inspector tries beating her but Maya just laughs and tells her that she does not know Maya well and that she can do all that she wants but will not make her have food. The inspector finally has to relent. There Saanjh(Aneri Vajani) remembers the freezer in the garage and is now sure that Arjun is in it, she calls up the police to help her get him, threatens them with dire consequences if they do not-now we quite do not get it that how she suddenly needs the help of the police!! (Also Read: Maya starts a fire to save Arjun while Arjun gets hit on head)

The police reach the the garage with Saanjh and Ayaan and they manage to find a frozen Arjun inside. They get him out but find his pulse has stopped and Saanjh keeps crying calling out to him as she tries to wake him. Inspector Manjari calls tha inspector on duty with Saanjh. Manjari comes to know that Arjun is dead and she is very happy with this new found information. She resumes her drama and tortures Maya again, as she breaks it to Maya that her Arjun is no more. Maya refuses to believe this as she cries and threatens the inspector to stop saying this.

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