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Besties Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol twin in leather jackets at the airport and it’s pretty cool – view HQ pics

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have twinned at the airport and we think it’s pretty cool. Airport is generally the best place to spot actors match. We’ve found so many celebs don similar hues or outfits or patterns. And with Shah Rukh and Kajol too, we’ve found something similar. Both the actors have worn black leather jackets at the airport. Obviously, it’s a mighty coincidence. However, the fact that SRK and Kajol, Bollywood’s evergreen couple have twinned, has left us excited! Although Kajol’s combination is quite good, the pair of sandals are a bit of a turn off. If only she would’ve opted for something more stylish like yellow pumps or something, it would’ve worked. Shah Rukh, on the other hand, has

As per our shutterbugs, Kajol was travelling with her daughter Nysa while Shah Rukh was out to promote his upcoming film, Jab Harry Met Sejal. Our photogs also stated that Kajol forbade them to click pics of her daughter. This comes right after she made a public statement on the incident with Suhana. “If something like this were to happen with Nysa or Yug, I’d be infuriated. It’s sad that the Indian paparazzi has reached a stage where it can do this to a kid. What happened with her sounds like bullying to me. We are stars; it’s our job to accept all of that. But to be doing that to someone who is nothing more than an impressionable teenager, is harassing her in plain words. They should be more responsible when it comes to dealing with our kids. We signed up for this, they didn’t,” she said.

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On the other hand, SRK was travelling with Anushka Sharma to Dubai, to promote JHMS. The film is set to release next week so obviously, the stars are busy spreading the word. In fact, Khan even posted on Instagram captioning, “Australia aur London Harry Sejal have reached…now onwards to Dubai…even at 5 am Sejal looks resplendent.. doesn’t she!” Well, despite their packed schedules, we just hope SRK and Kajol meet up.

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