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10 childhood pictures of Sanjay Dutt that prove that he was one cute baba!

Sanjay Dutt is celebrating is 58th birthday today, and before we say anything else we have to mention how the actor doesn’t look 58 at all. I mean what sorcery is this? Wow! He still is pretty darn handsome and can make the ladies go weak in the knees. Well, he was quite a handsome boy since forever. Even when he was little kid, you could tell that he was going to grow up to be a champ. Of course his dad is the uber handsome Sunil Dutt, and mum is the ever-so-beautiful Nargis, so good looks came to him naturally. His silky locks became the trademark style during the ’90s.

Sanjay was the pioneer of the gym culture, as far as I remember. His intense performances in movies like Saajan told us that he was talented. His terrifying act in Agneepath is enough to send chills down your spine – he is that good an actor. We seriously can’t wait to see more of him on screen an are eagerly waiting for his upcoming film, Bhoomi.
Well, while there is still time for Bhoomi to hit the theaters, we have other methods to crush on the star. For example these childhood pics. Just look at how darn cute he was as a kid…


Just look at him in kawwali mode. So cute!


A teenager Sanjay Dutt with his fam jam


How handsome. 90’s style!


Move on when you are done saying aww…


When Sanjay Dutt was a little baby


Sanjay Dutt when he was a kid




Cutest pic of Sanjay Dutt you will see today!


Cuteness, overload! Isn’t it?

We wish Sanjay Dutt a very happy birthday and a prosperous life ahead. Stay tuned as we bring to you pictures from Sanjay Dutt’s birthday party and dinner date with his family as the day progresses.

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